At Bella’s Pets and Animals, we strive to offer pet owners relevant information and resources to help them, and their pets live the best lives.

We have pet care professionals and pet enthusiasts on staff, including vets, vet professionals, and animal trainers with experience in pet psychology.

We are a diverse community of pet supporters from around the world who believe that all animals, whether furry, feathery, scaled, or otherwise, deserve to be treated with respect and attention.

We provide research-based, actionable advice and cite our sources so you can learn where we got the information. We investigate the nutrition, security, equipment, and personality of animals of various sizes, from hamsters to horses.

Though we don’t have a bark-meow translator (yet), our dedicated team is always happy to provide vet-approved pet care advice and practical at-home tips to help you be the best pet parent ever.

Our dogs brighten our lives in so many ways. As a result, we are concerned not just with their health but also with the well-being of their loved ones. We collaborate with and support numerous initiatives that benefit the larger pet community, such as those that help pets find homes, vets who devote their time to their treatment, and parents who adopt them into loving households.

This blog contains everything we’ve learned over the years about pet care, from easy indoor activities to keep your pet entertained to tactics for getting your pet to stop protecting its food.