If your pet is coughing, it’s essential to discover the underlying cause and seek expert advice for their well-being. Our beloved four-legged family members can’t tell us what’s bothering them, so we need to rely on the expertise of veterinary professionals. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the various types of coughs in pets, some common causes, and how to find the best expert to help your coughing pet. Let’s get started.

Identifying the Cause of Your Pet’s Cough

To provide the best possible care for your coughing pet, you first need to identify the specific cause of their cough. Coughing can vary in sound, and each sound may indicate a different underlying issue.

  • Dry, hacking cough: A dry, hacking cough might indicate kennel cough in dogs or feline asthma in cats. These conditions require professional attention as they can become severe if left untreated.
  • High-pitched, gagging cough: If your pet has a high-pitched, gagging cough, they could be dealing with an upper airway irritation or even a partial blockage. This type of cough warrants a visit to the veterinarian.
  • Wet, phlegmy cough: A wet, phlegmy cough could signify a more severe condition such as pneumonia, lungworms, or heartworm disease. These issues should be addressed immediately by a veterinarian.
  • Deep, honking cough: A deep, honking cough could suggest a tracheal collapse in small dogs and cats, which is a condition that requires prompt, expert attention to prevent further health complications.

Choosing the Right Expert for Your Coughing Pet

General Practitioners

General veterinary practitioners are your go-to professionals for initial consultations regarding your pet’s health. They can diagnose common causes of coughing and treat them accordingly or refer you to a specialist if needed.

Pets with heart conditions may need to see a veterinary cardiologist who specializes in treating cardiovascular problems in animals. Vet cardiologists can provide advanced diagnostic tests, develop tailored treatment plans, and monitor your pet’s progress to ensure their heart health.

Emergency Veterinarians

In cases where your pet is experiencing severe coughing, rapid breathing, or signs of extreme distress, your primary course of action should be to head to an emergency veterinarian. They are equipped to handle urgent situations and provide immediate care for your pet.

Veterinary Specialists

Certain illnesses or conditions warrant specialized care from a veterinary specialist. Examples of veterinary specialists include internal medicine specialists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, oncologists, and integrative medicine practitioners.

Suppose a general practitioner has referred your pet to a specific animal hospital in Westminster. In this scenario, you can trust that your pet will receive specialized care from a group of experienced experts who can better address specific health issues and provide advanced treatment options.

Veterinary Pulmonologist

If your pet has chronic or severe respiratory issues, a veterinary specialist in respiratory medicine could provide them with the care they need. These experts use their specialized knowledge and advanced medical equipment to effectively diagnose and treat respiratory conditions.

Integrative Medicine Practitioners

Pet owners seeking a holistic approach to their pet’s coughing and overall health may consider consulting an integrative medicine practitioner. These veterinarians integrate traditional medical treatments with complementary therapies, such as acupuncture or herbal medicine.

Collaborating With Your Chosen Veterinarian

Once you’ve found the right expert for your pet’s care, it’s vital to work closely with them by providing detailed information about your pet’s cough, preparing for diagnostic tests, discussing treatment options and costs, monitoring your pet’s progress, and schedule follow-up appointments to ensure their long-term health.

In conclusion, finding the right expert to help your coughing pet is essential in providing them with the best treatment and care. By recognizing the nature of your pet’s cough, understanding the types of veterinary experts available, and knowing how to choose and collaborate with the right professional, you can give your pet the best chance at a healthy, happy life.